Pittsfield Boys & Girls Club Lacrosse Program is run by a steering committee of volunteers under the auspices of the Boys and Girls Club of Pittsfield. With mutual goals in developing physical skills and coordination, as well as fostering teamwork, good s

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Saints News 6/15

2019 Pittsfield Saints Combos Season Update

Special thanks to our Head Coach Ryan Jacoby who once again volunteered his time to help grow our sons into better men and real lacrosse players.

Thanks to the parents who stayed flexible through a tough schedule with many last-minute changes. We hope you enjoyed watching your sons grow and play as much as we did coaching them.

Thanks to Coach Jason Jones, and Coach Jimi Wojtkowski for all of your hard work, and encouragement. I don't think it would be possible to have a better coaching staff!

Also, thanks to the parents who brought treats throughout the season, took their time to help fundraise and contributed to a delicious season-ending picnic!

Thanks also to our sponsor Patriot Driveway for the team shorts and to our overall league President, Bill Berryman, for your efforts in keeping things together.

I don't think we could have a better core of parents, players, and coaches to continue building the Pittsfield Lacrosse Program.

Oh, and boys...oops, I mean MEN...next season we move to the big fields, big nets, and big fun! Sometime this summer...find a wall and have a ball.

Have a great summer!
Ken Schoenberg
Still the World's Ugliest Team Mom

by posted 06/10/2019